Are You Using Events Or Contests To Build Your List?

Participating in a giveaway event is a great way that you can build your mailing list quickly. It works like this; you join as a contributor, provide afree gift to the event, generally in the form of an ebook, software or some other type of downloadable digital product. You then create a squeeze page with an optin subscription form on it. People fill in the form and join your list in exchange for the free gift.

This strategy of list building is extremely well known by online marketers worldwide. Often you will see hundreds of online marketers gather together to build their lists with these events, because they have learned that providing free gifts in giveaways is a terrific way to build a list quickly.

These type giveaway events come in many sizes and on a wide variety of topics and they are held nearly year-round. To find possible events to join all you have to do is perform a quick search online for “giveaway jv” and this will return a list of sites that are hosting giveaway events.
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Is Social Media One Of Your List Building Strategies?

Social networking is a great method that you can use to bring in new subscribers and build a responsive mailing list. It is fast becoming a standard in the way that individuals and businesses communicate with each other. It is literally changing the way we connect and interact with like minded people.

In its basic form social networking is simply a group of people that gather together because of a certain topic or interest. Before the advent of social networking websites this type of interaction was conducted in person, especially at work, in schools and in universities. While this type of interaction still occurs social networking online is much more popular.

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Basic List Building Strategies

There is no doubt that email marketing has become one of the best and fastest ways to make money online. There is nothing more exciting than checking your email to find that you have made a sale or… Continue reading →

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