Are You Using Events Or Contests To Build Your List?

Participating in a giveaway event is a great way that you can build your mailing list quickly. It works like this; you join as a contributor, provide afree gift to the event, generally in the form of an ebook, software or some other type of downloadable digital product. You then create a squeeze page with an optin subscription form on it. People fill in the form and join your list in exchange for the free gift.

This strategy of list building is extremely well known by online marketers worldwide. Often you will see hundreds of online marketers gather together to build their lists with these events, because they have learned that providing free gifts in giveaways is a terrific way to build a list quickly.

These type giveaway events come in many sizes and on a wide variety of topics and they are held nearly year-round. To find possible events to join all you have to do is perform a quick search online for “giveaway jv” and this will return a list of sites that are hosting giveaway events.

Before you jump right in and begin contributing to these types of events you may want to sign up for a few of them first. This way you can get a good idea of how the process works, download some free products and join the lists of other marketers so that you can study how they are setting up their giveaway system. Not only is this a good way to spy on your competition, it’s a great way to get your hands on products that you can use to build your own list.

After you participate in a few of these events you will begin receiving a lot of email and even though it may be tempting to opt-out of these lists,you don’t want to be too quick to unsubscribe. Keep in mind that you are trying to learn how to get the best results by using giveaway events, so it is important that you study the techniques that other marketers are using.

I recommend setting up a folder on your desktop and keeping track of the products and emails that have the most impact on you. You will notice that the more experienced marketers will send you a number of emails, thanking you, offering you additional free gifts. They will then try to entice you into their sales funnel with a good low cost offer. These are the people that you need to keep a close eye on, because they are proficient at converting subscribers from these types of events in to paying customers.


Every giveaway is a little bit different, however they almost all run based on the same basic principle, so once you become familiar with one, you’ll have no trouble with any others. After your first couple of events you will be able to develop your own process for creating and submitting gifts, which will make it easier for you to improve your results over time.

Don’t be concerned if you only obtain a small amount of subscribers at first. With each event that you join it will be possible to add a growing number of subscribers to your list that you can use to your advantage for future giveaway events.

Keep in mind that your main goal is to convert your new found subscribers in to long time customers, so treat them well.

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To Your Success,

Anita Levesque

2 Responses to Are You Using Events Or Contests To Build Your List?

  • Hey Anita, I agree with you, Events build your business, the pack moves as fast as the leader… Events is where you make connections that can change your business. Events is where you can promote yourself ( get social proof ) with leaders of the industry. Events is where you get special price promotions to future events and products… I recently went through a 90 day challenge and I found so much about myself… it was just… awesome. I used the experience of that in my business and the lessons I turned into content for my list and readers.

  • Great advice Anita!

    Even though this is my very first visit to your blog, I find your expert advice about strategically
    using JV giveaway events to build your list, to be spot on!

    I found your blog by the way of Rachel Lavern’s blog, BTW. I was leaving a comment on one of Rachel’s excellent post.

    BTW, your proven strategy can and does work equally as well in the offline world! It can and should be done at workshops, seminars and national offline events as wee.!
    Whether these events are paid or free!

    Really great advice! And thank goodness, it’s not all that hard to implement as well! Thanks for sharing!

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